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Writing APIs with Lumen: A Hands-on Guide to Writing API Services With PHP

Главная » Книги » Web-технологии » PHP

Скачать Writing APIs with Lumen: A Hands-on Guide to Writing API Services With PHP Автор:

Paul Redmond

Год издания: 2016
Страниц: 312
Язык: английский
Learn how testing APIs can help you write bullet-proof web applications and microservices. Learn to Write REST APIs from Scratch Want to learn how to write fully-tested REST APIs and microservices with PHP? I will walk you through developing an API and teach you how to test your code along the way. In this book you will learn how to use Lumen—a micro-framework by Laravel—to write bullet-proof APIs. Lumen helps you write productive, maintainable APIs using modern application design. This book is suitable for PHP developers with no Laravel experience. Only a basic understanding of HTTP and writing PHP applications is needed to get started. What’s Inside the Book? You will learn how to write fully-tested APIs and understand essential Lumen concepts used to build a solid foundation for writing API projects. You will also learn:
ID: 343942

Unraveling 2-in-1: Unraveling Htlm5, Css3, And Javascript + Unraveling Bootstrap 3.3

CSS, HTML / XHTML, JavaScript

Скачать Unraveling 2-in-1: Unraveling Htlm5, Css3, And Javascript + Unraveling Bootstrap 3.3 Автор:

Istvan Novak

Год издания: 14
Страниц: 737
Язык: английский
I wrote this book for those developers who are—or might be—in a situation 1 was months ago. If you worked on the server side for a long time, or you used only desktop UI technologies, this is the book you should read to get acquainted with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript—in order to understand them quickly, and keep up the race with youngsters. If you’re already a web developer who is familiar with these technologies, this book may help you to pass this knowledge to your team’s new members who are novices in web Ul.
The entire book contains samples using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files, and for the sake of simplicity it uses a single development environment, Visual Studio 2013, as it supports editing all of these file types with a high-level user experience. Examples and exercises in this book have been created with Visual Studio Express 2013 for Web, but you can use any of the Professional, Premium, or Ultimate editions as well.
ID: 343650

Интернет и бизнес. Как использовать современные технологии и не остаться в дураках?

Сетевые технологии, Web-технологии, Экономика, Наука и образование

Скачать Интернет и бизнес. Как использовать современные технологии и не остаться в дураках? Автор:

Гришин Виталий

Год издания: 2012
Страниц: 208
Язык: русский
Книга имеет узкую практическую направленность и адресована в первую очередь владельцам традиционных бизнесов и интернет-предпринимателям.
В каждой главе читатель найдет несколько ошибок, наиболее часто совершаемых при попытке расширить бизнес и включить в него интернет-составляющую в любом виде – будь то запуск сайта-визитки, корпоративного портала, открытие магазина или ведение рекламных кампаний в Интернете.
ID: 343338

Mastering OpenLayers 3

Главная » Книги » Web-технологии

Скачать Mastering OpenLayers 3 Автор:

Gabor Farkas

Год издания: 2016
Страниц: 308
Язык: английский
Develop responsive and platform-independent web mapping applications with OpenLayers 3
Learn the key points of creating great applications with native JavaScript through the step-by-step examples
Master the use of the library, from compiling custom builds to developing a complete WebGIS application
Book Description
OpenLayers 3 allows you to create stunning web mapping and WebGIS applications. It uses modern, cutting edge browser technologies. It is written with Closure Library, enabling you to build browser-independent applications without painful debugging ceremonies, which even have some limited fallback options for older browsers.
With this guide, you will be introduced to the world of advanced web mapping and WebGIS.
ID: 343221

JavaScript Object Programming

Главная » Книги » Web-технологии » JavaScript

Скачать JavaScript Object Programming Автор:

Martin Rinehart

Год издания: 2015
Страниц: 109
Язык: английский
This brief book explains the advantages of the object model, inheritance, both classical and prototypical, and shows how these concepts can be implemented in JavaScript. It also shows how object programming (OP) opens a new world of design possibilities that go far beyond inheritance.
This book will help the intermediate JavaScript programmer learn to use both types of inheritance. For classical inheritance, it is accompanied by a substantial online system (a windowing UI library) that shows classical inheritance at its best. The same system shows how OP “capabilities” can eliminate much of the need for inheritance.
ID: 343218

Web Development with Django Cookbook - Second Edition

Главная » Книги » Web-технологии

Скачать Web Development with Django Cookbook - Second Edition Автор:

Aidas Bendoraitis

Год издания: 2016
Страниц: 384
Язык: английский
This is the latest book on the market that will help you take advantage of the new features added to Django 1.8
This book consists of recipes of varying complexities to help you create multilingual, responsive, and scalable websites with Django
This updated edition teaches you major Django functions and will help you improve your skills by developing models, forms, views, and templates
Django is a web framework that was designed to strike a balance between rapid web development and high performance. It has the capacity to handle applications with high levels of user traffic and interaction, and can integrate with massive databases on the backend, constantly collecting and processing data in real time.
ID: 343173

Learn PHP 7

Главная » Книги » Web-технологии » PHP

Скачать Learn PHP 7 Автор:

Steve Prettyman

Год издания: 2015
Страниц: 316
Язык: английский
This new book on PHP 7 introduces writing solid, secure, object-oriented code in the new PHP 7, carefully presented in a well-paced, clear fashion. In Learn PHP 7, programming examples take advantage of the newest PHP features, including enhanced password encryption using password_hash. This book takes a learn-by-doing approach, providing you with complete coding examples.
ID: 343086

Active Server Pages в подлиннике. Наиболее полное руководство (+CD-Rom)

Web-технологии, ASP / ASP.NET, Web дизайн

Скачать Active Server Pages в подлиннике. Наиболее полное руководство (+CD-Rom) Автор:

Уильямс Э., Барбер К., Ньюкирк П.

Год издания: 2001
Страниц: 660
Язык: русский
В книге подробно рассмотрены возможности по активизации Web-страниц с помощью Active Server Pages, сервера IIS и браузера Internet Explorer. Три опытных Web-разработчика описывают особенности и секреты сочетания активных серверных страниц с другими технологиями, в том числе с клиентскими скриптами и языками Java и DHTML.
ID: 342960

PHP Brilliance: Advanced Coding Mojo

Главная » Книги » Web-технологии » PHP

Скачать PHP Brilliance: Advanced Coding Mojo Автор:

Thunder Raven-Stoker

Год издания: 2016
Страниц: 352
Язык: английский
This book is packed with all of the key advice that you need to help you become a top tier PHP developer.
It's based on years of development experience and features in-depth discussions of the essential software development topics that you need to master in order to create reliable, efficient and bug resistant code.
It is the essential guide to help you exhibit PHP Brilliance.bout.
ID: 342948

Frontend Architecture for Design Systems: A Modern Blueprint for Scalable and Sustainable Websites

Главная » Книги » Web-технологии

Скачать Frontend Architecture for Design Systems: A Modern Blueprint for Scalable and Sustainable Websites Автор:

Micah Godbolt

Год издания: 2015
Страниц: 198
Язык: английский
Imagine what a large-scale web project would look like if frontend development were not treated as an add-on, but as an equal partner with backend development and content strategy. This practical book takes experienced web developers through the new discipline of frontend architecture, including the latest tools, standards, and best practices that have elevated frontend web development to an entirely new level.
ID: 342931
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